All residential customers can benefit from being part of our portfolio and get the advantages that our rates negotiated for the whole, without more surprises at the end of the month and with the peace of mind that the conditions agreed to meet.


They represent the basis of our local economy and reducing their costs is our priority because we know the difficulty involved since they are often forgotten by the sector
For us, they are just as important as the companies and are included in our sector-specific solutions.


They are the customer profile most sought by the marketers and their energy expenditure is important. We know the complexity of the sector and the number of offers and visits of commercial agents that every day claim to be the solution to your needs. Unfortunately just as they appear, they vanish. Our intention is to change that image because in our code of ethics a fundamental value is proximity. We, after 10 years, continue here, like the first day. One fact that represents us is that 90% of our customers have been recommended by another client.

We want to continue being the local reference of the sector and for that we work every day like the first one. Services, solutions and a consultant dedicated to your client account.

Administrators of farms, agencies and collectives

We provide services to groups, either directly or through its administrator / manager. We know that managing supply groups is an arduous task.

We have our own tool specially designed for administrators that facilitates such management. We comply with the data protection law for its treatment and individualized management, but obtaining the advantages of being a collective.

Company groups and large consumers

The big consumptions where the energy represents one of the biggest expenses of the activity, need solutions that are not commercialized in the traditional market.

Our professional team will give you a customized solution, unique and differentiated.