Why manage my energy contract with Indexpert Consulting?
We help you to know first hand what happens in your supply, we offer you the best rates in the market and professional advice. We have the experience of 10 years working in the sector and we have the innovative tools to facilitate the management of the energy of your supply.

Do you need to make any changes to the installation to be able to hire?
Since 2009, when the release of the market for consumers was effective, you can change to the marketer you want without having to make any changes to your installation.

Can I run out of electricity when I make the change?
In no case, the change of marketer is regulated by law and supervised by the CNMC, which is responsible for ensuring the interests of consumers. Under no circumstances will you run out of supply for making the change.

Who is responsible for a breakdown in the supply network?
In the event of a breakdown in the network, the person responsible for rectifying it is the distribution company, the same company that currently does it.

What happens if I have a query, incidence or claim?
Contact us through our customer service telephone number 971 41 77 00 via email clients@indexpert.es or through wasap 6 ..

How to become a customer?
Send us your invoice and we will contact you to make you arrive at our proposal.

What are the procedures to make the change?
Once you accept our proposal, we take care of managing the request and the necessary paperwork. The average term of the change is 20 days and from that moment, the new marketer starts to invoice

What is the management of Indexpert Consulting after the change becomes effective?
We take care of ensuring the correct fulfillment of the proposed conditions and we carry out the necessary arrangements on a day-to-day basis.
Every year we negotiate with the agents of the sector, for the renewal of your contract thanks to the strength of our client portfolio. Always with our advice and with the most optimal economic conditions.
Our company philosophy is to help you now and in future needs that arise

How much does Indexpert charge for its services?
The commercial and advisory services provided are charged to the marketer. It is part of the conditions that we include when negotiating by contract volume, we can say that in this section, the union is strength.

What guarantee do I have that the agreement will be fulfilled?
As part of our services, we check the client's billing to verify that the signature is being met. If we detect variations, we automatically claim the difference.

What do I tell the sales people to come visit me?
We invite you to say "I am already with Indexpert" and we recommend you do not sign anything without consulting us.