Consulting of energy solutions

It's time to save on your electricity and gas bill

Indexpert offers energy saving and efficiency solutions for all types of consumers, from a home to a large company, you want to pay less and be well advised. We are an expert consultancy in the management of energy supplies.

We carry out an exhaustive monitoring of the electricity market:

OMIE, OMIP and MEFF and the gas market: MibGas, TTF, Brent quotation to offer the best strategy and moment of energy purchase.
We reduce costs , we optimize the use and we obtain a saving in your invoice

* We are a local company, we have been providing our professional services for 10 years independently of the tendencies of the sector.

We study your needs, we look for all the options that meet the requirements and we offer the best solution in the market.

Our clients trust in our advice and commitment

We have a wide portfolio of clients that work with us and benefit from the agreements obtained by belonging to the group that we manage.

Contact us to resolve a question, ask a question, or request a study about your current bill. We solve the query and we propose a solution in a maximum of 48 hours.